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Angel Lima exudes mystery. From one moment to the next, you’ll wonder about what heights she’ll take you to. Lima glances at you; you feel the heat in your chest as she pierces you with her gaze. Then, she turns away, blushing, gently leading you towards ecstasy.

Her long, chocolate-brown hair bounces tantalizingly as she turns her head to face you. You’ll want to reach out and touch the soft strands with your fingertips. As you do, Angel Lima’s warm brown eyes will peer at you sensually. Your own eyes will move down her 5’8” figure, stopping on her natural, voluptuous DD-cup breasts. The swell of them will rise and fall as her breathing becomes heavy.

Then, Lima will take you by the hand, leading you to a realm of intimate play. Shy at first, she’ll play with you coyly, enticing you with her smiles. But don’t be so quick to assume Lima isn’t ready for sensual play. She boxes in her free time, and you’ll soon realize that Lima is capable of more than she lets on. When she mischievously presses her behind against you, you’re skin will erupt in goosebumps. You’ll put your hand on her waist, and melt into paradise.

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